About Me

My name is S.R. Wing.  My passion is teaching and rearing children to be exceptional humans.  I’m an early childhood educator, mother, and pioneer for transformational child rearing.

My M.Ed., 10 plus years in early childhood education, homeschooling of my daughter, experiences as an Early Literacy Specialist, and journey through motherhood has empowered me to create Lavender Literacy: A Transformational Child Rearing BLOG.

I live in Philadelphia with my partner of 15 years, our daughter and two cats.

This is my first BLOG.  I’m putting myself and my ideas out into the interwebs.  I’m taking a risk and trying something new.  I have some things to say and this is my platform of choice to share my voice.

I am open to your feedback and questions.  I am a life long learner, excited to find growth in my new venture into blogging.

You will find mistakes in my writing.  You will read some sentences that are confusing.  This my personal BLOG.  When I write here, my focus is more on content that perfection in presentation.  Please excuse any errors in my writing.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Lavender Literacy. I hopeful my BLOG will be a place of support, love and understanding. A place to gain knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.

~*~Love & Light~*~

S.R. Wing


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