Adventure Aquarium

I love the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ!

I am passionate about nature and living things. I hope for a sustainable and healthy future for all living creatures.  How better to ensure this future but by teaching the next generation how to love, understanding and care for living creatures and habitats of our world. I take my daughter to Adventure Aquarium routinely.

When it’s best to go:

On a snow day.  When public schools are closed the aquarium is amazing!  You will have access to everything. It’s quiet, calmer and amazing!

I highly recommend becoming a member. It will save you money and expedite you entry to the aquarium. Check out more about Adventure Aquarium at:


ACTIVE PLAY: The top floor of the aquarium is wonderful!  There wonderful nature inspired play space, live animals and lots to explore.  Check out the top floor when your little one needs  a break to run around and play with others. Here are some images of a small maze that my daughter loves.


Hands On Experiences: You will find exhibits where you can touch and observe, stingrays, sharks, jellyfish, and a varsity of tide pool creatures.  Theses areas are a must visit and don’t fort to utilize the hand washing stations afterwards to keep clean and healthy.  I also recommend washing your hand before touching any animals.


And of course…the shark tunnel!!!  Walk through the shark tank because it’s the best!


I hope you and your family will have unforgettable experiences and gain much knowledge while on your list to the Adventure Aquarium! Every time you visit you will discover something new an amazing!

Please leave any comments or questions about Adventure Aquarium.

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