Fountain at Logan Square


Logan square is home to to one of my favorite fountains in Philadelphia. Take  visit to Logan and Square and discover the Swann Memorial Fountain.

The grounds are beautiful landscaped.  There are park benches, grass areas, a dirt gravel path around fountain and flowers.  It is a beautiful place to walk, read,picnic,play and more!

Toddler around at a fountain:

  1. Observe and interact with art.
  2. Water play and wade in the fountain. Be warned Fairmount Park Rangers may ask you to leave in the fountain.  Enjoy until you can’t!
  3. Meet new people and make friends.
  4. Sit on a park bench and people watch.
  5. Language development: describe what you see, hear, feel, touch etc. (For example, the water is cool, wet, clear.)
  6. Run jump, play, laugh, eat.
  7. Have a picnic.

Click on the link for more information about Logan Square Fountain  .



Go get your fountain on! 


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