Paint in the Rain


We play outside everyday no matter what the weather.  I believe it is imperative for my daughter to understand and feel the changes of our environment.  So we do not stay in the comforts of our home until the sun comes out.  We go outside and we experience the elements first hand.  Thought experience we learn and understand more about ourselves and our world.

Painting in the rain is magical!

Creating temporary art and persevering through the elements to create art is transformational.

Why paint in the rain:

  1. Creative expression
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Language Development: use words to describe what you see, hear, smell, colors, textures, etc.
  4.  Perseverance
  5. Fine Motor Development
  6. FUN!

Check out this link for a verity of options to create your now homemade paints.

Recipes for Homemade Paint

And Don’t forget to always dress appropriately and safely for all types of weather.


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