Toddler Hiking

Get out there in nature and go for a walk with your toddler.

Walk around your neighborhood, a trail, a park, beach, ect.   The photos you see here are during a summer time hike in Maine on one of the trails near my family home.

Your toddler needs to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste nature.  Especially during the first 3 years of life when brain development is more rapid.  You will provide your child with priceless experiences that will promote positive cognitive and emotional development.

Toddler Hiking Sucess:

  1. Bring snacks and hydration
  2. Backpack with essentials: SUN SCREEN, diaper supplies, hats, change of clothes, etc.
  3. Wear your toddler.  See my post about baby wearing for more information.
  4. Let your toddler walk.
  5. Let you toddler take the lead and follow.
  6. Touch, smell and observe everything. (Keeping safe of course)
  7. Describe your observations in Toddler friendly language for effective language acquisition. (For example when observing a stone say things that describe its color, texture, moisture, weight, etc)
  8. Have fun!  Smile!  Sing Songs! Meditate! Do yoga! Hold hands! Lay in the grass!  Walk through a stream! Explore and engage in nature.

Extra Bonus:  If you are working on toilet training, the forest is a great place to learn to pee.

Now get out there!



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