Dilworth Park


The city of Philadelphia is killing it at creating interactive parks for the public.

Get the most out of your Dilworth Park Experience:

  1. Water shoes: The fountain at Dilworth park has a lot of space t romp around in the water.  Bring along your water shoes for safety and play.
  2. Water Play is essential engagement for children under 3 and provides a plethora of sensory understanding and knowledge.  Water play is wonderful for people of all ages as it also provide therapeutic and positive impact on our senses, mood and feelings.
  3. Language Development: Share what you see, tough, hear, feel, etc. (“The water is clear,cool and wet.”)
  4. Say Hello and make friends with new people. Dilworth Park a mecca center any day of the week.
  5. Bring a picnic and enjoy one of the grass areas.
  6. People watch.  Dilworth park is in the heart of Philadelphia with all the hustle and bustle, street performers and more around.
  7. Pack all you regular essentials in your diaper bag and don’t forgot a change of clothes.  You are going to get wet with all the splashing and splashing!

Check out more about Dilworth Park here. Dilworth Park

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