The Witchy Kitchen

The Witchy Kitchen is the first Creative Corner I created for my daughter.

It was a hit!  My daughter loved it and many guests of all ages at our home loved it as well!

It’s amazing what you can create with the items around your house.  I created this Creative Corner with all object around the house and didn’t spend any money on new items for  Witchy Kitchen.  My Halloween decorations were so well-loved in the Witchy Kitchen.

Creative Corners are designed and curated to develop imagination, language, critical thinking, problem solving and more! I select content themes and skills that engage cognitive, social and emotional development.  I create engagement opportunities that are designed to meet my daughters changing needs.

Creative Corners are replaced and upgraded every 4-6 weeks.  Topics are thematically aligned with topics of the seasons and celebrations of the year.

The Witchy Kitchen was open for 6 weeks around Halloween and Harvest time.

Content and Skills Focus of the Witchy Kitchen:

Language Development:  The Witch Kitchen natural lends itself to inspire and develop language around food, cooking, and eating.  While engaging in the Witchy Kitchen we discuss ingredients.  For example: the pumpkin is orange, round, smooth, small, etc.  We also discussed the language of cooking.  For example: mix, stir, fill, pour ect.

Imaginary Play: Imaginary play that reflects practical life is essential for toddlerhood.  The Witchy Kitchen was deigned to engage and stimulate the imagination in cooking and eating.

Fine Motor Development: In the Witchy Kitchen there are a variety of props that support fine motor development.  We focused on several fine motor activities that toddler needs to practice and master.  Fine motor activities that promote hand strength, coordination and control: mix, stir, pick up, put down. lift, fill, empty, spill, carry, and pour.

Imagination Inspirations: My daughter would play endlessly in her Withy Kitchen.  The imaginary  play opportunities were endless as she played by herself and with others.  Whenever possible I use real life objects for more hours on engagement.  Props that inspired pretend play: pots & pans, mixing utensils, real pumpkins, real gourds, real stones, pretend felt food: garlic, tomato, lettuce, & mushrooms, plastic bones, Potions Bottles with colored water, sparkles and black quinoa.

Sensory Exploration: The Witchy Kitchen was designed with specific sensory experiences.

  • Potion Bottles: (a.k.a. sensory bottles): different, colors, textures, sounds and viscosity of materials to explore and observe.
  • Fabric Walls:  layered cut and frayed black fabric engaged perspective, dimension and texture
  • Pumpkins and Gourds: real life objects are essential for sensory exploration and give children a greater background knowledge of the world.
  • Music: When playing in the Witchy Kitchen I would play music to enrich my daughter’s experience with auditory stimulation.  Pandora is an excellent resource  for free music.  The Witchy Kitchen Play Lists:  Kids’ Halloween, Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween Party, and I would also play a CD of spooky sounds deigned for kids.
Dining Area
A view of the pumpkin patch.

It was joy creating and experiencing the Witchy Kitchen.  I look forward to the Witchy Kitchen 2.0 next Halloween!

Dining Area

Like what you see?  Want a Creativity Corner in your home?

Contact me at  for a consultation of your dream Creativity Corner for your child.

Click here on Creativity Corners for more information.

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