We are here to support, guide and transform. 

Lavender Literacy is a BLOG dedicated to sharing best practices in child rearing and homeschooling with a  focus around transformational parenting ideals. We are here to share, connect and provide services that support your magical journey through parenthood and family life.

Why are we here?

I am here because of people like you that are seeking more enlightenment and gaining more from their family and child rearing experience.

I have taken my knowledge and expertise as an early childhood educator for granted.  I have been blessed with excellent education and professional experiences. My passion for learning and teaching prepared me to be a mother in unexpected ways.  The array of content knowledge and understanding I have around child development and rearing little human beings is a blessing.  My dream is to share my expertise with you!

I read somewhere once that parenting is all love and no joy.  I find this statement heartbreakingly sad.  Parenting is not without its challenges and I am grateful for each moment and lesson in parenthood.   I truly believe that we all can find peace, love and joy in parenting.  I have a lot to say and many ideas to share with you.

I hope my shares and support will inspire you to create a opportunities that keep your family glowing each and every day.

Much love and gratitude to my family members, friends and mama acquaintances who inspired me to share my journey to motherhood, child development and rearing knowlegde  in a BLOG.

I am here to share my expertise and share my passion for transformational child rearing.

Contact me at glowingmamawing@gmail.com

~For all your Transformational Childrearing needs.~


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