Lavender Light is here to support you and your family to “GLOW BRIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT”.

Lavender Light is a dynamic family focused coaching model empowering families in transformational child rearing.

We offer a collection of services that will transform and optimize child rearing and family life. We specialize in Creativity Corners, Schedule Development, Rhythms & Rituals, Family Spaces that Work and Child Engagement.

Creativity Corner:

  • An innovative  engagement area
  • Designed and curated to develop imagination, language, critical thinking, problem solving and more!
  • Content themes and skills that engage cognitive, social and emotional development

Schedule Development:

  • Create a predictable and managable famly routine
  • Developmentally appropriate schedules matching your child’s changing needs
  • Find balance in your life
  • Homeschool Curriculum Map
  • Empower your family with effective rhythms like: meal planning, managing the household together, chores, family meetings, etc
  • Implement strategies that support growth and success in rituals like: bedtime routine, morning routine, potty training, etc.

Family Spaces that Work:

  • Design and curation of spaces for children and family
  • Bedrooms that meet the developmental needs of your child of any age
  • Playrooms that are organized, interactive, and accessible
  • Kitchens that are child friendly and develop independence
  • New baby on the way? Baby rooms for an optimal 1st year of life
  • Homeschool Classroom that is effective and inspiring

Child Engagement:

  • Toy and materials wrangling  based on safety and developmental needs
  • Communication with your baby and toddler
  • Love of Literature: Creating early readers at home
  • Mindfulness practices to gain autonomy of emotions and choices

Check out our posts showcasing powerful exemplars  of Schedule Development, Family Spaces that Work, and Child Engagement.

Contact me at for all your Transformational Parenting & Homeschooling needs.

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